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Hemp oil 250m

Hemp oil 250m
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Hemp has been known to mankind for thousands of years under the Latin name: Cannabis sativa - this is one of the oldest plant crops in the world. The production of hemp oil is carried out from hemp seed, which does not contain any psychotropic substances. Therefore, the product is safe for the human body. Hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of the plant Cannabis Sativa, by the method of cold pressing, at low temperature and without the use of solvents, thus preserving the full wealth of valuable nutrients for the skin. It contains a high percentage of saturated fatty acids - Omega 3 and Omega 6. In ancient times, people believed that regular use of hemp seeds makes a person beautiful and healthy.

Why is hemp seed oil good for our skin?
Hemp seed oil is ideal for most skin types as it can moisturize it without clogging the pores. It helps balance oily skin by hydrating it and regulating the secretion of sebaceous glands at the same time. Hemp seed oil helps with inflamed or irritated skin, acne and some conditions such as psoriasis, while keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. Hemp seed oil can be applied directly to the skin.

Useful properties and benefits of hemp oil for the body:

Hemp oil is used both for topical application and for internal use for therapeutic purposes. Its numerous healing effects are the reason for the extremely wide use of the oil in many therapies:

  • strengthens the immune system,
  • accelerates recovery after surgery and exhaustion,
  • improves the cardiovascular system,
  • lowers cholesterol,
  • helps with anemia,
  • normalizes metabolism,
  • relieves bloating and constipation,
  • deals with diseases of the respiratory system,
  • prevention of oncological diseases,
  • normalizes blood sugar,
  • helps with arthritis and osteoarthritis,
  • eliminates muscle pain,
  • in kidney and liver diseases,
  • restores hormonal balance,
  • eliminates pain during menstruation,
  • prevention of prostate adenoma,
  • increases potency,
  • strengthens the nervous system,
  • increases vitality,
  • recovery from wounds and burns,
  • protects from UV radiation,
  • improves skin, hair and nails,
  • protects the skin from frostbite and flaking,
  • eliminates skin diseases and rashes,
  • slows down the aging process,
  • has a rejuvenating effect.


The product is not a medicine. The product is not a substitute for a complete and varied diet. To be used as a food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product should not be used by pregnant women, young children and people with transplanted organs, because of the danger of rejection !!!


Internally, 1 teaspoon (5 g) twice a day before meals

Storage method:

Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Laboratory results:

A test report RN2061

A test report RN2076

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