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"The ideal of earthly happiness is built on work, health and nature!"


MK FERA VITA Ltd. was established in 2002. We started with a dream, the company to develop in the field of cultivation and processing of herbal seeds and their derivatives in cosmetics. So we came to the herb milk thistle (Silybum marianum) and gradually began to discover its secrets. We knew that milk thistle has healing properties, we did serious and in-depth research on its properties and tested on ourselves various products in which it is present. After seeing the results and benefits of it, we realized that we want to help other people who are looking for a way to preserve the most valuable thing - their health.

We are the first Bulgarian producer specializing in the cultivation of the medicinal herb Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum). Over the years we have selected seeds and after research on milk thistle oil in an accredited laboratory, today we can say that our product is of the highest quality. Through the technology of cold pressing we started to extract vegetable oil from milk thistle seeds and to use it in high quality products that maintain our health. Over the years, we have done a number of tests of the products - both the oil and the capsules, serums and creams in which we use it.

We grow our plants completely naturally and process the raw material without any chemicals. That is why in 2015 we earned a BIO certificate.

Every year we send samples for laboratory analysis, which prove that the content of tocopherol (Vitamin E) in our cold pressed milk thistle oil is 630.14 mg/g - one of the highest in Bulgaria and the world. This quality is the result of the precise selection of Silybum marianum seeds, the care for the plants and the technology we use.

And so - our dream has already come true - we help thousands of people to maintain and restore their health through milk thistle.

The company produces high quality products with the relevant certificates. The products meet the standards of Bulgarian and European legislation.

Our clients are at the center of the meaning and purpose of our thinking and actions. We realize our future with our profit.



Benefits of milk thistle:
The beneficial effects of milk thistle have been known for over 2000 years. Pedanius Dioscorides - an ancient Greek physician, considered one of the fathers of botany and pharmacology, describes the healing properties of the plant.

Milk thistle grows naturally in the Mediterranean countries, where in ancient times people discovered its useful properties - it helps to restore the functions of the liver and gall, aids digestion, strengthens the body as a whole.

In our time, after many studies, these qualities are not only confirmed but also repeatedly proven. Milk thistle was approved in 1986 for the treatment of liver diseases and is widely used for hepatitis, alcoholic liver steatosis, poisoning with certain fungi and other toxins, cirrhosis of the liver and viral hepatitis.
The active ingredient of the plant is SILIMARIN, which is contained in the seeds of milk thistle. The substance helps to regenerate liver cells damaged after cirrhosis, use of drugs, alcohol and other toxic products, incl. radiation and chemotherapy.

Milk thistle stimulates the liver to expel accumulated toxins from the blood, stimulates lymph flow and thus supports blood circulation.

The herb enhances the production of bile juice, which in turn reduces the risk of gallstones. And in case of inflammation of the gallbladder, milk thistle helps to clear the waste products that clog the gall ducts. Bile juice in the body is responsible for breaking down fats and cholesterol in the gut. It softens and moisturizes the mucous membranes, treats inflammation of the intestinal walls and relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

The herb has been shown to relieve rosacea, some skin allergies and problems.

The selection of milk thistle seeds that we have made and tested over the years makes our products one of the highest quality. Cold pressed oil, capsules, regenerating cream, anti-wrinkle serum are some of our products that we present to you with pride and pleasure.

Our products:
Our products are created through one of the highest quality selections of milk thistle seeds. Their quality is extremely high, and their benefits have been proven many times, both by consumers and by medical research of patients. Over the years, in parallel with the study of the benefits of milk thistle oil, we discovered the properties of black cumin oil. Similar to our expectations, proving the results of clinical studies, it affects cough, improves physical and mental condition, affects acne and neurodermatitis, it is used as a painkiller for the stomach and intestines.

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