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MK FERA VITA Ltd. respects the privacy of its customers and guarantees the maximum protection of their personal data processed during online shopping on our website: This Personal Data Protection Policy has been prepared and is based on the current Bulgarian and European legislation in the field of personal data protection.

All changes and additions to the Privacy Policy will be applied only after the publication of its current content, available through our website:
The privacy policy is applicable to your personal data if you are a natural person or a representative of a legal entity that is a client of MK FERA VITA Ltd. and/or is registered at It will explain to you what personal information we process when shopping online on our site -, for what purposes we use it and what are your rights as a subject of personal data.

Who processes and is responsible for your personal data

MK FERA VITA Ltd. is a commercial company registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 117600239, which collects, processes and stores your personal data under the terms of this Privacy Policy. MK FERA VITA Ltd. is a personal data administrator within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).
You can contact us at our management address:
Village of Trastenik, 177 Shesti septemvri Str.
Tel.: +359 878 977 552
1. What data, for what purposes and on what legal basis we process

1.1. Depending on the specific goals and grounds, MK FERA VITA Ltd. processes the following data individually or in combination between them:

А) Data provided by you, necessary for identification and fulfillment of the contractual obligations of MK FERA VITA OOD and the client:

  • Name, telephone and/or e-mail address for contact with you, or a contact person specified by you;
  • Data collected upon payment made to MK FERA VITA Ltd. in the manner specified in the Rules for online shopping on Data from your account for access to www. - username, history of requests/orders;
  • Shipping address;

Name, telephone and/or e-mail address, bank account number, account holder and bank in case of complaint.

Б) Data prepared and generated by in the process of providing the services/goods:
Order number
Details of your preferred goods and services.
1.2. Purposes and legal grounds for the processing of personal data:

А) Data processing required for the conclusion or performance of the contract for the purchase of goods.
MK FERA VITA Ltd. processes your data for the following purposes:

  • Identification of a client in case of: concluding a new or amendment of an existing purchase contract, addressing a complaint/claim, electronic contact form, telephone call;
  • Servicing and responding to customer complaints/ inquiries/claims;

Technical assistance for creating account (s) and recovering a forgotten password to access our website.

  • Performing processing by data processors - assignment, reporting, acceptance, payment;

Б) In fulfillment of its legal obligations, MK FERA VITA Ltd. processes your data for the following purposes:

  • Providing information about the client and purchases made by him/her and/or services used by him/her in case of inquiry/request/inspection by a competent authority;
  • Invoices issuing;
  • For carrying out tax - insurance control by the respective competent authorities;

В) MK FERA VITA Ltd. processes the relevant data provided with the explicit written consent of the client for their processing for the following purposes:

  • For direct marketing of products, promotional prices and special offers;

2. Categories of third parties that access and process your personal data:

2.1. Parties processing personal data, which on the basis of a contract with MK FERA VITA Ltd. - process your personal data on behalf of MK FERA VITA Ltd. or have direct/indirect access to your personal data

Transport/courier companies in order to fulfill our contractual obligations for delivery of purchased/ repaired goods;
Accounting companies with a view to fulfilling a request for preparation/processing of accounting documents;
2.2. Other personal data administrators to whom MK FERA VITA Ltd. provides your personal data, processing your data on its own basis and on its own behalf
Competent authorities, which by virtue of a normative act have the authority to require MK FERA VITA Ltd. to provide information, including personal data, such as - Bulgarian court or court of another country, various supervisory / regulatory bodies - Consumer Protection Commission, the Communications Regulation Commission, bodies with powers to protect national security and public order;
3. How long is your personal data stored?
The duration of storage of your personal data depends on the purposes of processing for which they were collected:
Personal data processed for the purpose of concluding/amending and executing a contract for delivery of ordered goods - not more than 2 years.
Personal data processed for the purpose of issuing accounting/financial documents for tax and social security control, as well as but not only - invoices, debit, credit notices, handover protocols, service contracts are stored for at least 5 years after the expiration of the limitation period, unless the applicable legislation provides for a longer period.
4. What are your rights in connection with the processing of personal data by MK FERA VITA Ltd.
As our client and with regard to your personal data, you have the following rights:

4.1. access your personal data and information, such as we have included in this Privacy Policy with respect to the data in question. You can ask MK FERA VITA Ltd. for information on whether and for what purposes we process your personal data with a written application.

4.2. to request your personal data to be deleted, corrected or blocked, except in cases where we are legally obliged to retain it.

4.3. to object to MK FERA VITA Ltd. at any time against the processing of your personal data.

4.4. to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data when their processing is based on your consent, namely when processing them for direct marketing;

4.5. to request we to transfer your personal information to another administrator

For the purposes use e-mail:

4.6. to file a complaint through the Commission for Personal Data Protection.
5. Can you refuse to provide personal data to "MK FERA VITA" Ltd. and what are the consequences of this
In order to make an online purchase on our website, respectively, in order to conclude a contract with you and to provide you with the requested services in accordance with our legal obligations, MK FERA VITA Ltd. needs certain data.
Failure to provide the following data prevents the possibility of MK FERA VITA Ltd. to enter into a contract for services/goods with you:

  • Name, telephone and/or e-mail address for contact with you, or a contact person specified by you;
  • Shipping address;


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