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bio baner

Bio products

Meeting the standards of the Bulgarian and European legislation

The products are manufactured from specially selected plants
and have a high content of vitamin E.

Comments from our clients


Масло от бял трън 500ml

I'm starting a third 500mg bottle. I have had Heptitis C for almost 20 years. This is the best product I've come across, and I've taken a variety of…

Nadezhda Simeonova

Масло от бял трън 500ml

Thanks to the whole team for the unique products, you make and offer. Milk thistle oil has an amazing effect. Thanks to it, my brother has been maintaining…

Elka Krumova

Масло от бял трън 500ml

Not that I expected anything other than a positive effect, but this cream really exceeded my expectations, because something I've…

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