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bio baner

Bio products

Meeting the standards of the Bulgarian and European legislation

The products are manufactured from specially selected plants
and have a high content of vitamin E.

Comments from our clients


Масло от бял трън 500ml

I have been using the oil for exactly two months. After surgery to remove the gallbladder. The inflamed bile had hit me in both the liver and the pancreas.…

Igal Heretz

Масло от бял трън 500ml

I can say thanks to my friends that had introduced me this product.
I used it and very happy with results.

Letter of thanks - Yordan Karamanliev

Масло от бял трън 500ml

Hello Mr. Petrov, Not long ago I came across a film about the clairvoyant from the village of Dzhulyunitsa - Veska Kovacheva, broadcast on TV 1, in…

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