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Milk thistle capsules 500mg

Milk thistle capsules 500mg
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Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) oil is a natural product rich in vitamins (A, D, E, F, etc.), minerals and microelements (copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, boron, etc.), used in medicine by 2000. Its antioxidant effect on the liver is ten times stronger than that of vitamin E, making it one of the most effective hepatoprotectors.

Healing properties:

  • Lowers cholesterol levels;
  • Reduces insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes who also have cirrhosis;
  • Restricts the growth of tumor cells in breast and prostate cancer; cervical cancer; skin cancer; tongue cancer; bladder cancer; colon cancer; leukemia;
  • Minimizes the side effects of chemotherapy;
  • Improves kidney function;
  • Relieves menstrual pain;
  • Helps with diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis;
  • Increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases after surgery;
  • In case of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia and others);
  • Supports liver function and helps treat hepatitis B and C
  • Increases male potency.

Ingredients: 100% natural cold pressed milk thistle (Silybum marianum) oil

Dosage: From 20 to 60 drops twice a day or 1 teaspoon daily.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

As can be seen from the last test protocols made in 2015 - the new selection is 81.59 points richer in tocopherols (vitamin E), which is an exceptional success for our product.

Comments (23)

Stanislava Stoyanova


Thank you for the quality product. My mother has acute hepatitis C, a month and a half of oil intake, the values of ASAT are already normal, and the values of ALAT are almost normal. Initially, at diagnosis, the values were about 2,000, and at discharge from the hospital they were 400.

Desislava Danailova


Thank you for the wonderful product - milk thistle oil! My mother has hepatitis B, which was discovered accidentally and too late - it had caused great damage to the liver. The indicators of ASAT and ALAT were very high - ASAT 126, ALAT -180. In order to prescribe the expensive treatment, it turned out that many different tests had to be done, incl. biopsy, which took months. Then we found out about your wonderful products and I ordered 2 bottles of 500 ml. milk thistle oil. When she finished the second bottle, we had to do additional tests (treatment with drugs had not started yet). Surprisingly, liver function tests were normal. She is now continuing her daily intake of milk thistle oil, along with her prescribed medication. She feels good and works actively, even though she is 76 years old. Thank you! Be healthy and keep making these miraculous extracts and helping people!

Ani Kun


I do not know where to start .. Heart, blood, diabetes, ulcer of whatever-it-is-called, liver, spleen, water retention, lameness, age spots and dermatitis, with constant itching (sorry for the long list). Last night I bought 500 ml of thistle oil and regenerating cream. I couldn't wait until the morning and swallowed 1 tbsp. in the evening, I applied cream. Will the skeptics believe, but I myself was dumbfounded. The itching disappeared in an instant, and I hadn't finished smearing the cream on my face. This morning I took another dose and the miracle continues - the swelling decreased and I did not take pills, and I was used to starting the day with 8 pieces. I couldn't wait to share my first impressions and thank you for the good product. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, dear people! I will write again.

Mitko Iliev


The product is great!

Letter of thanks - Yordan Karamanliev


Hello Mr. Petrov, Not long ago I came across a film about the clairvoyant from the village of Dzhulyunitsa - Veska Kovacheva, broadcast on TV 1, in the section "The Road". I was very impressed by an incident told by Veska when she met a priest in Krastova gora: “God sent him to me. This man went to the other world and came back. He explained to me that in Bulgaria there are two things that heal-these are White Thistle, which cures almost all types of cancer, and Pine Resin, which breaks down kidney and gallstones. The power above told him that he wanted him to become a priest (he was a miner, badly injured and in a coma.)

see the whole letter...



Wonderful product!



Krasi, congratulations on the miracle you collected in the bottle! I was diagnosed with gallstones in 2013. As a result, over the years I have had various complexity crises, and twice I was hospitalized due to complications in the crises themselves. The second time I also had blocked bile ducts, and my liver enzymes were ASAT 1200 / ALAT 1670 / GGT-980, high alkaline phosphatase. At the hospital, my duct was cleared and I was discharged. During the stay I started intake from the first bottle. After I was discharged, I was prescribed Essentiale, but I continued to take one tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. I deliberately did not run periodic tests until I finished the first 500 ml bottle. I went at the beginning of the 3rd week after discharge to release the enzymes and the results were: ASAT 19 / ALAT 21 / GGT-235. I started a second bottle and I really hope that when I finish it the ultrasound will surprise me (hopefully my stones will melt as well). I will not stop and will continue to take for a whole year. I want to thank you once again, Krasi!

Sonya Georgieva


I have been using milk thistle oil since the middle of last year (2015) after a hospital stay with elevated liver function.
I know from medical professionals that these indicators are very dynamic and are influenced by many factors. I am satisfied with the product. The very fact that I drink it prophylactically gives me a dose of confidence that in a way close to nature I take care of my health.
Thank you!

Nadezhda Simeonova


Thanks to the whole team for the unique products, you make and offer. Milk thistle oil has an amazing effect. Thanks to it, my brother has been maintaining and treating his disease - hepatitis C and cirrhosis, for several years. The creams you offer also have amazing results.

Thank you again, you are amazing. Keep going in that spirit!

Nelly Ignatova


Hello, milk thistle oil is magical! My father WAS with cirrhosis of the liver, ascites, etc. After taking the oil for 3 months the results changed. When he did control tests it turned out that the liver was normal. The doctors decided that at the time of diagnosis there was a mistake made. :) Congratulations to the whole team that offers these unique products !!!!



I'm starting a third 500mg bottle. I have had Heptitis C for almost 20 years. This is the best product I've come across, and I've taken a variety of hepatoprotectors. All feelings of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, good appetite and visible general improvement have disappeared. I often combine it with Essentiale for maximum effect. Admiration for the excellent product. Sincerely ... P.S. avoid the use of any alcohol, fried foods and toxic medications. Thanks again




Elka Krumova


Not that I expected anything other than a positive effect, but this cream really exceeded my expectations, because something I've been struggling with for more than 20 years - neurodermatitis - was defeated by this amazing cream. And even more amazing is that I have been using it for only three days!!! Even after the third application, the ugly and inflamed spots on my hands to the elbows disappeared somewhere, which brought additional positive emotion from the fact that I will be able to enjoy the wonderful summer - short sleeves!!!
I have no words for the miracles you create with these products! ...
I am sure that God will watch over you and your works, because they were created by His Divine pharmacy!!!

Prof. Mariana Assenova


Congratulations on the wonderful products. I use the oil and face cream and I am infinitely happy with the results. My liver parameters returned to normal, and my face cleared of all spots and I have a very pleasant complexion.

I recommend it to everyone - with problems and for prevention. Heartfelt congratulations to the dear Petrovi family for the quality products they offer.




Again, I would like to thank Mr. Petrov for his products. With a 250 ml bottle of milk thistle oil, we cleaned the liver of the boy from Negotin from Serbia.




I am from Serbia, from Zajecar. Before I bought a 250 ml bottle, I gave blood for analysis. I had elevated transaminases ALT 64 and Gama GT 149, and it should be less than 50. I drank a bottle for a month, waited another month, and then gave blood for analysis. I doubted it would have an effect, but when I got the lab results, I was convinced it certainly did have an effect. Now the value of ALT is 32 and Gama GT is 64. I'm thinking of getting another bottle.
Greetings to Mr. Krasimir Petrov.

Lyudmil Pavlov


One cannot believe what an herb can do while growing best in Bulgaria. It is no coincidence that donkeys love it so much. I had steatosis of the liver / without using alcohol / I drink milk thistle oil for the third month. A week ago I had an ultrasound at Tokuda Hospital and there it was found that the steatosis withdraws from the liver and no longer covers it completely. My mother has chronic hepatitis "C" for 44 years /since 1970/ and after two months of admission her liver tests are in the norm. Keep going, Mr. Petrov. Be healthy! Lyudmil Pavlov



Your product is unique and amazing. I'm suffering of Sub-function of the thyroid gland and High cholesterol indices. After drinking the oli about 2 weeks, the blood results were astonishing!All indices decreased drastically, I feel great and lost some weight! Thank you!

Igal Heretz


I can say thanks to my friends that had introduced me this product.
I used it and very happy with results.



I have been using the oil for exactly two months. After surgery to remove the gallbladder. The inflamed bile had hit me in both the liver and the pancreas. All examinations, as well as my operation, were performed in Sofia by some of the luminaries of abdominal surgery. I was diagnosed with "chronic pancreatitis" and a 13 cm hypoechoic structure of the right liver, as well as an enlarged 42 mm liver. I started drinking the oil as soon as I was discharged from the hospital. Exactly 2 months later I went again for an ultrasound at the same hospital. The doctors could not believe their eyes - everything was clean, the pancreas - calm - normal, the liver - absolutely clean and in normal size, bile ducts clean ... I have not taken other drugs, nor will I take any. This is the only thing I rely on and will continue to rely on. A miraculous remedy. I highly recommend it to many of my acquaintances and I am sure that in the name of their health they will start taking it.

Elka Krumova


I can't describe all the positive emotions caused by the information that finally someone in Bulgaria has understood what wealth grows best in our country. He thought about the Bulgarians, because years ago by order from abroad the Razgrad antibiotic plant applied somewhere in its production this plant. It was sown en masse in the surrounding lands, but it did not see the light of day in our country - at least I and my family have known and used this plant, flowers and seeds in its raw form for as long as I can remember. Thanks to it my grandfather cured stomach cancer and lived up to 90 years old - 30 years after his diagnosis. But not only that, it is a great medicine for the problems that many men over the age of 50 have with prostate and urogenital problems, but it is not necessary to list here the above. Here I just wanted to express my admiration for your ingenuity and the decision to be useful to people.



Your product is wonderful!

I have been drinking milk thistle oil for 4 months and I feel great. My digestive problems and bloating subsided, as did my menstrual cramps. I keep drinking it! My mother also drinks it after surgery and feels better. Even the doctor at the check-up asked her what she was drinking and advised her to keep taking it!

Thousands of thanks! Be alive and healthy and continue to help people!

Sincerely, M. Nikolova



Your product is great!
My father is 79 years old and was diagnosed with fast-growing liver cancer. Doctors gave him 1 month to live and insisted on emergency surgery (which meant almost certain death given his heart and kidney condition). After 6 months of taking milk thistle oil, an ultrasound examination showed that the growth had stopped and the formation was encapsulated. No other tests have been done given his health.

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