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Feedback from our customers

Marina Misheva

Серум за лице против бръчки с масло бял трън 50ml


This is a wonderful product. I highly recommend it!

Stanislava Stoyanova

Масло от бял трън 500ml


Thank you for the quality product. My mother has acute hepatitis C, a month and a half of oil intake, the values of ASAT are already normal, and the values of ALAT are almost normal. Initially, at diagnosis, the values were about 2,000, and at discharge from the hospital they were 400.

Desislava Danailova

Масло от бял трън 500ml


Thank you for the wonderful product - milk thistle oil! My mother has hepatitis B, which was discovered accidentally and too late - it had caused great damage to the liver. The indicators of ASAT and ALAT were very high - ASAT 126, ALAT -180. In order to prescribe the expensive treatment, it turned out that many different tests had to be done, incl. biopsy, which took months. Then we found out about your wonderful products and I ordered 2 bottles of 500 ml. milk thistle oil. When she finished the second bottle, we had to do additional tests (treatment with drugs had not started yet). Surprisingly, liver function tests were normal. She is now continuing her daily intake of milk thistle oil, along with her prescribed medication. She feels good and works actively, even though she is 76 years old. Thank you! Be healthy and keep making these miraculous extracts and helping people!

Ilian Ivanov

Капсули бял трън 500mg


Hello. I assure everyone reading this post that it is completely real. As you well know, the liver does not hurt, and when it starts it is already bad (so for some reason it has increased in size to such an extent that it presses the skin on the inside, which reacts with pain). So it was with me - although I almost do not drink alcohol and lead a very healthy life, I began to feel sharp pain in the liver - respectively doctor - tests - poor performance - examination and it was seen that the liver is enlarged for some reason. And the main problem: in the case of a diseased liver, no medication is taken, because in essence they burden it even more. Accordingly, only food supplements are applicable. I was lucky enough to be immediately recommended this product (as far as Silybum marianum turned out to be the main ingredient in all manufactured products to support the activity of the liver in the world). That's why I write - to assure all readers that the result of using these capsules was absolutely unique. I am 53 years old, I have had to take various medications in my life, but for the first time I come across a natural product that started to work instantly. On the second day, the pain began to subside (which meant that the liver began to decrease in size, respectively, and the pressure causing the pain decreased). I assure everyone that when I took two capsules in the morning and in the evening before a meal, after I finished the first pack, the pain was very weak and rarely appeared, and at the end of the second box it was gone. I remind you that in cases of swollen liver should follow a strict diet - the so-called. "white diet", which is very strict - and I never got to this diet, because the capsules helped me. Therefore - with all my heart I can sincerely recommend everyone with a problem similar to mine to use this product. For the first time I come across something that is so effective. For which I sincerely thank its creators.

Ani Kun

Масло от бял трън 500ml


I do not know where to start .. Heart, blood, diabetes, ulcer of whatever-it-is-called, liver, spleen, water retention, lameness, age spots and dermatitis, with constant itching (sorry for the long list). Last night I bought 500 ml of thistle oil and regenerating cream. I couldn't wait until the morning and swallowed 1 tbsp. in the evening, I applied cream. Will the skeptics believe, but I myself was dumbfounded. The itching disappeared in an instant, and I hadn't finished smearing the cream on my face. This morning I took another dose and the miracle continues - the swelling decreased and I did not take pills, and I was used to starting the day with 8 pieces. I couldn't wait to share my first impressions and thank you for the good product. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, dear people! I will write again.

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